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 A Big 3(Poseidon)

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PostSubject: A Big 3(Poseidon)   A Big 3(Poseidon) EmptyThu Dec 30, 2010 8:25 am

Name: Charlie Daniels
Age: 14
Gender: female
Both Parents: Poseidon and Liz Daniels
Appearance(Hair, Height, Eyes, etc): She has brown hair, Tan skin, Green eyes, 5'6'', Fit
Weapon:A necklace with a trident pendent that turns into a sword(Celistal brozne blue hinted 3 foot), and a sheild that is a braclet
Personality: She is a bit strange, She is a very hyper/Crazy person, She does alot of stuff with out thinking
Flaws:A bit Insain, Like super weird, Not the smartest person
Abilities: She can control water area of lets say 30 by 30 feet 10 times a day for up to a hour at the most, she can also breath under water up to 20 mineuts and then she needs a break
Life Before CHB:Charlie was born in Florida where she lived with her mother Liz. From a early age Charlie had always loved going to the beach. Charlie always spent her time either at the beach walking, running, Surfing or swiming or Singing, Drawing, Playing soccer, Painting or Playing the violin. When she turned 13 her dad claimed her. After this one night a few days later her mom had her load alot of her stuff into their car. Her mother then drove her to camp where she now stays year round.
RP Example:I look back at mom and wave goodbye. I then pull my backpack over my back and swing my athletic bag over my shoulder, I then pick up my surfboard and hold it under my arm. Then I take my violin case in my hand. After much difculty I start to walk down the hill. When I reach the botton I head off towards the cabin. Once I reach the courtyard type area I look around. I see a cabin that I can tell is the poseidon cabin. I walk over to it and walk in. I toss my stuff on a empty bunk. I then walk out to explore.
Other Notes: None except I Am aproving this

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A Big 3(Poseidon)
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