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 egyptian charrie!

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PostSubject: egyptian charrie!   egyptian charrie! EmptyWed Dec 29, 2010 9:53 am

Name: Hastin Simmons
Age: 16
Gender: male
Both Parents: Set and holly simmons
Appearance(Hair, Height, Eyes, etc): egyptian charrie! 92ENxSlooks like this and is 6'1"
Weapon::two cb daggers and a staff like his fathers with a cb tip
Personality:is a bit of a loner cause was allways called a freak in all of his schools,is amazing at roller hockey and lacrosse, loves anything to do with chaos
Flaws:loves chaos, cant sit still, and hates cold weather, hates snakes
Abilities: can create a medium sized sandstorm (about size of cortyard) five times a day,can shoot lightning fifteen times a day
(lightning can paralize or hurt two to nock out four to kill),can create ten caos demons five times a day(set could do this in the red pryamid),can make a storm cloud to float around on about five times a day lasts for ten minutes and highest elevation is about the hight of a cabin.sand manipulation (he can create stuff with the sand,biggest thing he can make is sand coppies of himself 2 at a time, and kinda like sand bend it)ten times a day lasts for five minutes
Life Before CHB:hastin didnt have very many friends, it was mostly because he loved violance and looked for a chance to get it when ever he could. he was amazing at sports even though he didnt like cold sports. at school he wasnt amazing but he wasnt terrable at the work. allthough he got kicked out of almost all his schools for getting in fights. when he wasnt at school or sports he was home helping his singel mother at home and he had an older sister but she was allready married.
RP Example:i walk in the door and see my mom and some guy talking in the kitchen. "mom im home" i say "ok, hastin come here please." i walk into the kitchen " honey this is fergason and hes going to take you to a camp where you might fit in." "wheres that" i say thinking i'd never fit in anywhere. "a place called camb-half blood, for childrin half god half human." "huh???" i say. my mom speaks up quietly "son your father was set the egyptian god of the deserts, storms,caos,foreign lands, and violance"
Other Notes: has a pet set animal named ozzy, :likes cactus water and apples
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egyptian charrie!
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