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 My Roman charrie for the quest

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My Roman charrie for the quest Empty
PostSubject: My Roman charrie for the quest   My Roman charrie for the quest EmptyTue Dec 28, 2010 3:09 pm

Name: Travis Ann Peterson
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Both Parents: Pluto and Laura Peterson
Appearance(Hair, Height, Eyes, etc): She has long brown hair thats dark, She has dark eyes that are either a dark brown or black, She has a normal skin tone, she is fit but skinny, 5'6''.
Weapon:She has a sword thats 4 feet long thats made out of Imperial gold that turns into a Sharpie thats gold colored.
Personality: She is a bit shy at first, She often gets confuzed.
Flaws:Shy, Super bad adhd and dislexia, She has a slight temper
Abilities: She can somon ghosts 20 times a day the ghosts can be of actul people and they last a half hour at the most, She can make skeletons appear 20 times a day 3 each time they last around 15 minuets at the most, She can shadow travel the total amount out miles there is in the U.S of A times 2 she can take up to 4 others with her but it makes her very tierd she passes out after every use, She can melt into the shadows 20 times a day for up to a half hour each time, She can use black magic 5 times a day.
Life Before CHB:Travis was born in Denver Colorado where she lived with her mom. When she was 1 her mom got a job in France. So Travis and her mom moved to France. As she got older Travis developed a intrest in Skate Boarding, Soccer, Track, Musical arts and art. When Travis turned 14 she was claimed. Then she and her mother moved back to the U. S of A. When she got there a satyr acidently thought she was a daughter of Hades and took her to camp.
RP Example:I look around at all the other campers the Greek campers. I sigh and pull my hat down lower over my head. I sit there trying to blend in. A few moments later I hear a pop and notice That I am basiclly invisable. I smirk and then stand up. I then slowly creep out. For fun on my way out I flick a kid in the back of the head.
Other Notes: She speaks french, she has a pet Puppy thats a golden retriver one named Jack

Adeladoe/Chaos-15(French Accent)
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My Roman charrie for the quest
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