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Name: Liam Griffin Turner
Age: 16
Gender: male
Both Parents: Apollo and Linda Turner
Appearance(Hair, Height, Eyes, etc): He has dark brown hair that is sorta shaggy, He has bright blue eyes, Tan skin, 6'2'', Fit
Weapon:Bow and arrow
Personality: He is a bit laid back, Cocky, A flirt, Doesnt care alot
Flaws:Irresponsable, Lazy, Doesnt always think before acting
Abilities: He can heal broken bones 10 times a day(Makes him pass out), Sprained things 20 times(Passes out), He can make balls of light 30 times a day they are 5 by 5 inches
Life Before CHB:Noel and Liam were born in Australlia. They lived there with the mother. When the turned 5 their mother who wanted nothing to do with them sent them to boarding school in England. When they turned 15 they gradutated. They then returned home to find that their mother had gotten married and started a family and moved to the U.S OF A. So they gathered their things and got plane tickets and went to the U.S OF A. Once there they went to camp which they had heard off before.
RP Example:I look around a bit nervous which Is super weird for me. I catch Noel's eye and nod. She then starts to play the music. I clear my throat and start to sing. When I am done I bow and return to my chair.
Other Notes:

Name: Noel Annabel Turner
Age: 16
Gender: female
Both Parents: Apollo and Linda Turner
Appearance(Hair, Height, Eyes, etc): She has blond hair thats long and straing, Bright blue eyes, Tan, Fit, 5'7''
Weapon:Bow and arrows
Personality: Kind, Sensitve
Flaws:She gets up set easily, She cant stand fighting, Shy
Abilities: Same as Griffin
Life Before CHB:Same as her brothers
RP Example:I catch Liams eye and he nods. I then click the play button for the music. I then sit there watching as he sings. When he is down I clap along with the people
Other Notes:

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