A role Playing site based off of Camp Half-Blood.
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PostSubject: Rulez. READ FIRST!   Mon Dec 27, 2010 5:22 pm

To make this site fun, there are a couple rules that need to be followed.
-Keep everything at PG-13! No sexual stuff!
-Don’t flame or spam!
-If you have an argument with another member, please settle it on PM. The members don’t want to watch your fight.
-Don’t argue with staff; their decision is for a good reason. If you truly believe that what they did was wrong, then don’t yell at them, ask nicely and in a protocol way.
-Respect the members.
-No Double Accounting. If we catch you, you will get perma-banned.
-No swearing or keep it at a minimum; only swears allowed are damn, and hell.
-No Advertising unless through PM and the assigned Advertising section or thread.
-Make your ooc’s count! Don’t put something random.
-You are only allowed to have 6 characters. You are allowed to buy 15 characters.
-Two children of each of the Big Three and one of hera and artemis will be allowed for now some more might be allowed to be made later
-5 titan characters will be allowed more might be allowed later on

(Suggestions to the Rules? PM me.)
1st offence is a warning.
2nd offence is a couple days of banment
If you keep doing it over and over again, you will get perma-banned.

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